Multi Names Canvas

If you enjoy giving physical tokens to those you care for, but hate the process of shopping at your local mall, here’s an idea for you! Choose a favorite image and have us permanently create a replica illustration on a beverage mug. Almost everyone can use a mug at some time or another, and this mug is a one-of-a-kind item. Shopping is not a hassle, because you can order from the comfort of your living room or office.

When you want a gift that is unique to the recipient and is useful at the same time, this personalized ceramic mug in two sizes is a perfect solution. The high-quality ceramic mug is great for hot or cold drinks, and will never be mistaken for a cup that belongs to someone else. The image on the mug is a digital rendition of a favorite person in your life. You supply the picture and we transform it into a color illustration which is positioned in two places on the cup.

The color rendition is easy to care for, just hand-wash the mug so the colors don’t fade over time. Fill it with coffee, tea, cocoa, or ?? at any temperature. The 11-oz or 15-oz size will hold your beverage of choice at your desk, breakfast table, or in an employee kitchen. The mug is microwave safe.

There are many opportunities throughout the year to say thank you to a special person in your life. Birthdays, holiday gifts, employee recognition, or ‘just because you are special’. Get a personalized mug for yourself or for someone else and prepare yourself for heartfelt ‘Thank You’s.